On ‘Once Upon A Time’

My poem Once Upon A Time has been published in the second anniversary/Kali edition of RIC Journal. I’m super happy about this for a few reasons, including but not limited to:

  • This is published poem number two for me
  • I got to work with the magnanimous and talented Saudamini again
  • RIC is now an entire two years old – this is no minor achievement for any lit mag, especially one which publishes every month

With thanks to S, as usual.


On ‘Instructions for Falling in Love’

FELTMy short story ‘Instructions for Falling in Love’ has been published in Felt: Aesthetics of Grey, a beautiful little anthology out now from Zeno Press. The story sits alongside the work of Rachael De Moravia, German Sierra and other writers I admire.

With thanks to Christian.

Book update #1

First copy of Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father> Cover is out there
> Release date is locked in
> Book has been printed
> Hard work is done
> I’m talking about Letter and 3:AM and other things at The Paperback Bookshop in Melbourne on August 8 and I’m looking forward to the time I’ll spend with Anna MacDonald like little else. If you’re in town on that evening, come along to hear Anna be super articulate and thoughtful and me ramble and forget what I’m saying and read about the dead man.

With gratitude to my Transmission Press family.