On ‘Rhinoceros Dream’

I have a piece in the February 2019 edition of RIC Journal titled Rhinoceros Dream.

It’s always a thrill to be published in the uncanny RIC. I’m deeply thankful and forever indebted to the super talented Saudamini for the encouragement, support and friendship.


On ‘Sundown’

My short story or fragment Sundown has been published in the final edition of RIC Journal for 2018. It’s always always a serious pleasure to be in RIC, a singular journal that continues to do its very own thing. Long may that continue.

With thanks to S, as usual.

On ‘Once Upon A Time’

My poem Once Upon A Time has been published in the second anniversary/Kali edition of RIC Journal. I’m super happy about this for a few reasons, including but not limited to:

  • This is published poem number two for me
  • I got to work with the magnanimous and talented Saudamini again
  • RIC is now an entire two years old – this is no minor achievement for any lit mag, especially one which publishes every month

With thanks to S, as usual.