On ‘Stone Fur Skin Fish Blood’

Delighted to have a new piece of fiction titled Stone Fur Skin Fish Blood up at Fluland. It’s also been added to the Featured section on the site!

The idea for this piece – a palmful of fragments coughed up by the subconscious – came to me at 4am while staying at a friend’s house in Canberra.

Thanks Fluland!


On Marcel Schwob’s The King in the Golden Mask

Review of The King in the Golden Mask by Marcels SchwobMy review of the The King in the Golden Mask by Marcel Schwob (translated by Kit Schluter and published by Wakefield Press) has been published at Music & Literature.

Enjoyed this fine little collection – the first complete English edition – so much I thought writing about it could be useful, to – as usual – clarify my own thoughts about it, more than anything. To understand why he may have cast so profound an influence on some of my favourite writers.

Big thanks to Taylor and, in particular, Jeffrey from M&L.

On ‘The Deadest Man in the Underworld’

The Deadest Man in the UnderworldMy short story The Deadest Man in the Underworld has been published in RIC Journal.

What should and shouldn’t I say about this piece? Wrote it in a frenzy. Or put the pieces together in a frenzy. Maybe it shows, maybe that’s a good thing, I don’t know. Been wanting to contribute to RIC again for some time but didn’t have the right thing. But then this, so.

Big thanks to Saudamini – for supporting, humouring and, in other words, publishing me.

Drunk / Samurai / Verner Herzog

Drunk / Samurai / Verner Herzog

Hello friends. I turned three stories into a pamphlet. Here it is as a PDF. I guess the nice thing about the pamphlet is that when you open it on your smart phone the text is at a readable size and you don’t have to zoom in or whatnot. I question whether these things should see the light of day in this particular form, but it was fun to make it, so whatevsdo with it what you will: Drunk / Samurai / Verner Herzog


P.S. Maybe worth mentioning that “Drunk” is new and not yet published, “Samurai” is a rewrite of “Good luck with the arseholes” and “Verner Herzog” is a slight variation on the story posted here.